Spanish man hacks up brother in share house row |

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The suspect, from the popular tourism resort of Palma de Majorca on the Balearic Islands archipelago in the Mediterranean, was detained after he voluntarily turned up at a police station to confess, the police said in a statement.
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A man bludgeoned his brother with a hammer then cut up and froze his dead body after a share house argument. CAREERS expert Bruce Guthrie has some tough advice for women concerned about the gender pay gap: ditch nursing and opt for engineering instead.
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A 39-YEAR-OLD Spanish man confessed to killing his younger brother with a hammer, cutting up the body and putting the remains in the freezer after a tempestuous year of sharing the same home, police said.

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The suspect told police his 32-year-old brother had moved in with him about a year ago, leading to heated quarrels.
A police source said the victim had yet to be formally identified.

"Officers accompanied him to his home, where they found two freezers with bone and organic remains as well as sections of the body," they said.
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Spanish man hacks up brother in share house row |

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"In one of those arguments in the home, the brother took a hammer and tried to assault the detainee, who snatched the weapon and aimed several mortal blows at the (victim's) head," police said.
Police said the man, whose name was not released, could not recall how many days ago the crime took place.

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